A Cat's Terrace

Here you will find delicious food, drinks, entertainment, and finely crafted gear for your adventures.Aether, Midgardsormr, The Goblet, W6-P43 [The Sultana's Breath Subdivision]We open on most Fridays at 7-9 PM ET. Join our discord for more information and announcements.

A Cat's About

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Art Nook


Seating Areas

Photo Corner

Starlit Room

A Cat's Play

NEW! A Cat's Scratcher: 5,000g
1x per guest once a day

Feeling an itch to test your luck? Purchase a scratch card and give it a go by randomly picking a number 1-8! Check out the prize list below:

A Cat's Miq'obob Challenge: 50,000g
Prize: 1 Dessert of your choice, 500,000g & a special Discord role!

Ask a Staff member if you'd like to take on this challenge. They'll serve you up a platter of 10 miq'abobs.

You start with 100 HP. Eat 1 miqa'bob and type /random 100 then, eat another miqa'bob and type /random result of that 100.

The idea is that you start out with 100 HP, each miqa'bob depletes your HP.
Winning condition: Finish all 10 miqa'bobs without hitting 1
Losing condition: Hit 1 before you can finish all 10 miqa'bobs
HINT: If you give your best cat impression with a "Nya~" or "Meow!" at a Staff member and they will help you out with a Lemonade that will restore 1 HP!

Portrait or Photograph by an Artiste
Suggested tips determined by Artiste

Have your portrait drawn or photo taken by a sit in Artiste. Check our Discord or ask a Staff member for more information.

Tarot Reading
Suggested tips determined by Diviner

Have your fortune told with A Cat's Diviner. Check our Discord or ask a Staff member for more information.

A Cat's Garden
Complimentary use

Please feel free to use Room #2 for photos and/or relaxation. Be sure to share any photos taken in our Discord!